Wow, I got I LOVE YOUR BLOG award!

The I LOVE YOUR BLOG award was given to me by Dori From A Yellow House in England. I'm so honored to receive such a lovely award. It's really nice to know that someone actually loves my blog, thank you so much Dori :) This award motivated me to write more light and inspiring posts ^o^v

Now, it's my turn to spread the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award to seven other blogs that I love, they are :

- From the eyes of my heart
- Maria Boscardin
- East coast life
- Carole's thoughtful spot
- My library
- I walk U2?
- The thinking out loud blog

The award comes with easy rules:
1) Link to at least 7 other blogs you love.
2) Link to the person who gave you the award.
3) And let the 7 bloggers know that you have tagged them.

Last but no least, I want to say thank you to all visitors, readers and bloggers! Let's "spread the love" through out the blogosphere :)


Natural said...

Thanks for the award. It means a lot. Appreciate it.

Carole said...

Well thank you so much, I'm honored you chose me for this cool award - thanks for "spreading the love"! :-)

dd said...

I am honoured to know you give me this award, Dear friend.
I love this sweet heart, Just as I love you blog too.:)
Yours iWalk

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hello =) thanks sooo much for the award! I really appreciate it! Although this have been given to me about two weeks ago by another blogger and I've posted the award, I'll be sure to include your link on the post =)

NEOLLE said...

Your blog is dainty! I like it!

tarek alghnam said...

Great blog
I'm happy. I'm here
I wish you every success

ChuChie said...

hello, i got tag for you, pls visit mysite and check my latest post..maybe u can insert it here in ur site..thanks

Raquel said...

I didn't know much about Oprah. Thank you for sharing this article, it's very informative. About the her quote, I think people have no contentment. If they have million dollars they want billions.

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